Towards a Healthier Environment..


To provide our clients in Jordan with high-quality services of exceptional value by utilizing the latest pest control technologies and materials through our highly-skilled, well-trained and client-focused staff.


To become the ‘Go To’ provider of pest control services in Jordan.



As part of our pursuit of perfection and commitment to the highest standards in all aspects of our work, we always:

  • Use the best materials and continuously improve our services.
  • Hire the best professionals and constantly strive to develop their skills through mentoring and training.
  • Ensure a safe work environment.


Driven by our firm sense of responsibility towards our community, we spare no effort in:

  • Eliminating insects, rodents and other harmful pests.
  • Helping our clients and our community live a sanitary life.
  • Raising people’s awareness and educating them on the various types of pests and proper pest control techniques.


We work closely with our clients, vendors and suppliers, team members and all stakeholders in our community by:

  • Encouraging cooperation.
  • Enhancing mutual respect.
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise.
  • Ensuring effective communication.
  • Adapting to different work environments.

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